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Adjustable Seated 4-Leg Stool (Spin-Lift)

These multi-purpose steel stools offer extreme comfort and feature a superior chrome finish. Each stool includes a 4" premium, black, stain resistant, nylon seat that measures 14" in diameter. With an easy to use and dependable spin lift, these stools are the perfect choice for multi-purpose offices or clinic use! Simply adjust seat height by rotating the stool cushion.

Aprons – EZ Comfort-Flex Front Protection

Techno-Aide's EZ Comfort-Flex Front Aprons are a premium and cost-effective solution for radiation protection.

Aprons – EZ Front Protection

Techno-Aide's EZ Front Aprons are a straightforward and cost-effective solution for radiation protection and represent a comfortable way to effectively reduce radiation exposure.

Aprons – EZ Full Wrap Protection

Techno-Aide's EZ Full Wrap Aprons are a convenient and cost-effective solution for full upper and lower body radiation protection.

Aprons – EZ Lap Guard Half Apron

Techno-Aide's EZ Pregnancy Lap Guard Half Aprons are premium lower-body solution for patient or staff radiation protection during pregnancy. NOTE: All of the HALF-APRONS will be supplied in Royal Blue Color with Velcro Closure unless specified. NOTE: If you want a Buckle Closure for the apron, just select it also for checkout from the dropdown listing.

Disposable CR/DR Receptor Covers – Techno Aide

Techno-Aide's CR/DR covers are the perfect solution to protect both patients and staff during and between procedures. These bags are ideal for use in the ER, OR and with portables. Protect your equipment, your employees and your patients from contaminated and damaging bacteria and fluids!

Lead Gloves: 15” Premium Full Coverage Radiation Safety Finger Gloves

These full coverage gloves feature industry leading quality and long-lasting durable protection for the hands and fingers from dangerous radiation exposure. Each glove features a soft and supple inner lining and five individual finger slots for increased dexterity during complex procedures! The seamless lead-lined navy vinyl fabric features a dip molded core with full 0.5mm Pb equivalency protection!

Lead Safety Glasses – Cover Guard

Techno-Aide's Cover Guard radiation protective glasses offer a stylish and durable glasses cover. These premium radiation covers slip quickly and easily over a normal pair of prescription glasses! Cat No.: LES-CKPL

Lead Safety Glasses – Fit-Over Glasses

Our Fit Over Lead Glasses are classic frame lead glasses that offer radiation protection in a clean fit-over frame design designed to fit over your prescription eyewear. Cat No.: FTO

Lead Safety Glasses – Plastic Wrap Radiation Glasses – Tortoise

Our Plastic Tortoise Wrap Radiation Glasses - Plain are classic frame lead glasses that offer radiation protection in an eye catching design with large clear side shields for excellent peripheral vision. Cat No.: 53-WRAP

Lead Safety Glasses – Ultra Guard Radiation Safety

Techno-Aide's Ultra Guard radiation protective glasses offer a stylish and durable wrap-around frame. Each pair of glasses is constructed of high impact, TR-90 nylon and feature rubberized soft grip temple bars for a secure fit. Cat No.: LER-9K

Mobile Lead X-Ray Barriers

Bring radiation protection when and where you need it with our full body x-ray mobile barriers! These protective shields feature unique sizes to meet nearly any need.