Medical Marvel Massage Chair

We've Got Your Back!

We've Got Your Back!

The Medical Marvel Massage Chair

Used By Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Veteran’s Rehab Centers, Car Dealers, Physical Therapists, Spas, Salons, Health Clubs, Athletes & Teachers All With Great Results & Total Satisfaction!

Enjoy The Many Benefits Of A Full Body Massage At Home When You Want & As Often As You Want!

Dare To Compare The Medical Marvel Massage Chair. We Guarantee You Won’t Find Another Chair That Does True Traction Or Is A Better Quality Massage Chair With More Features & That Massages Better At A Lower Price!

The Medical Marvel Massage Chair Is Engineered In Every Way For Excellence!

It Really Feels Like Having A Full-Time Massage Therapist Available Anytime You Want!

The Following Features Are What Makes The Medical Massage Chair The Best Massage Chair Anywhere:

  • Longest Stroke In The Industry Travels 51 3/16″ From Head To Thigh & Provides Most Coverage Up To 60% More & Best Total Body Massage.  Other Chairs Cover Less Body Area.
  • Now Includes An 8 Inch Tablet For Ease Of Use! 
  • Now Has Memory For Hundreds Of Programs!
  • Has Over 30 Programs To Choose From!
  • Full 3D Rollers That Move In & Out For Better Massage 
  • More Versatile.  Individual Features & Functions Can Be Turned On Or Off As Desired & Individually Controlled.  Can Be Used As A Sitting Chair, Recliner, Heating Pad, Music Chair & The World’s Best Massage Chair.  Massage Hands, Airbags, Heat & Foot Rollers Are Individually Controlled.  Other Chairs Do Not Offer As Much Versatility.
  • In Automatic Programs Can Make Any Adjustment.  Other Chairs Lock You Out & Prevent Making Any Adjustments In Automatic Programs.
  • Zero Space Wall Hugger Design Is A Space Saver
  • Has Heat On The Back, Seat & The Calves.
  • 30 Automatic Programs, 6 Manual Programs & Focus Massage That Offer From The Softest Swedish Massage To The Deepest Tissue Massage.  There Are 30 Different Programs That Are Completely Customizable To Address Your Particular Needs.  Can Focus On & Remain In Any Spot & Work Out A Problem Area.  Other Chairs Do Not Provide As Good A Massage.
  • Has Calf Rollers
  • Highest Quality Leather Like Covering Is Both More Stylish & Much More Durable
  • Weighs approximately 400 lbs. Gross Weight. Better Built, More Durable & Is Commercial Grade.  Other Chairs Can Weigh 100 lbs. Less & Are Not Built As Durable & Are Not Commercial Grade.  We Have Chairs In Commercial Settings Some Of Which Are Used As Much As 16 Hours Per Day.  No Other Chair Can Do This.
  • Easier To Get In & Out Of For Both The Elderly & For Larger Folks.
  • Instantly Removable Backrest Cushion & Seat Cushions For Added Comfort & Flexibility
  • Designed To Handle People Up To 6’6″ & 350 lbs.  Other Chairs Can Only Handle Up To 6’2″ & 265 lbs.
  • 24 Volt D.C. System- Safer, More Energy Efficient, Components Last Longer.  Other Chairs That Have 110 Volt A.C. System Are Not As Safe With High Voltage Running Through The Chair.  They Also Consume More Electricity, Costing More To Operate & Their Components Do Not Last As Long Due To The Greater Amount Of Heat They Create Which Causes Component Failure Over The Long Term.
  • Can Be Set For A 1 Hour Or Longer Massage.  Other Chairs Can Only Do A 15 Or 30 Minute Massage. 
  • 106 Multi Stage Oversized Airbags With Full Length Arm Massagers Covering From The Tip Of Your Fingers, Hands, Lower & Upper Arms, Shoulders Rear & Front, Head, Side, Hips, Legs & Feet.  It Has A Head Airbag Massager That Massages Your Temples On Your Head Which Relieves Stress, Tension, Migraines, Headaches, Sinus Congestion & Fatigue.  It Does A Hip Twist Which Is Fantastic.  Other Chairs Do Not Offer As Much Coverage & Or Do Not Have Full Length Arm Massagers Or As Good A Massage & May Not Have A Hip Twist Feature.
  • Does Excellent Stretching Of Back, Hips & Legs.  Other Chairs Either Do Not Stretch Or Stretch As Well.
  • Does A Rocking Massage
  • Reflexology & Acupressure Foot Rollers That Can Operate In Three Speeds & Two Different Directions With 3 Levels Of Intensity Settings.  Most Chairs Do Not Have Any Foot Rollers & Those That Do Typically Only Operate In One Speed & In One Direction Only.
  • Automatic Leg Extension & Leg Retraction Offers A Much Better User Experience & A Far Better Massage On The Sole Of The Feet With The Foot Rollers.  Other Chairs Have Mechanical Leg Extension & Retraction Controlled By Springs Where You Must Apply Constant Pressure To Extend Or Retract The Legs.  With Mechanical Leg Extension & Retraction You Cannot Get As Good A Massage On The Feet & Is Much Less Costly To Manufacture & Provides An Inferior Experience.
  • Will Recline To True Zero Gravity At 165 Degree Angle At Any Time You Want In Any Program.  The Greater The Angle Of Recline, The Stronger The Massage.  Other Chairs Can Only Recline To 135 Degrees Angle In Zero Gravity & May Be Limited When It Can Do So.
  • High End Stereo Speakers With Wireless Bluetooth Music Player.  Other Chairs Either Have No Music Player And/Or Sound Lousy.
  • It Is A Multi Purpose Chair That Was Designed From The Ground Up To  Be A Comfortable Home Theater Seat, Recliner, Heating Pad, Music Chair, & The World’s Best Massage Chair.  Other Chairs Are Single Purpose Massage Chairs Designed To Be Used For 15-30 Minutes Only.
  • Larger Size Full Length & Width Arm Massagers Cover From The Tip Of Your Fingers To Your Upper Arms On Both The Top & Bottom For Better Coverage And Improved Comfort & Provide Plenty Of Room For Larger People.
  • Outer Side Panels Are Steel Frame Luxuriously Covered In Leather Like Covering & Are More Attractive & More Durable & Will Enhance Any Great Room, Family Room Or Living Room.  Other Chairs Have Molded Plastic Side Panels That Are Much Less Attractive, Scratch Easily & Can Make The Chair Noisier.
  • Modular Design.  Easier Access To Service.  You Can Replace Most Any Component In 15 Minutes Or Less.  Other Chairs Are Much More Difficult To Service.
  • 7 Day In Home Trial.  Helps Insure Your Total Satisfaction.
  • We Are The Exclusive Factory Reps. In The USA & Canada.  We Eliminate All Middlemen Saving You $5,000-$8,000.  Other Chairs Are More Expensive Due To Middleman Markups. 
  • We Can Be Reached 10:00 A.M.- 11:00 P.M. EST 7 Days A Week & 24/7 Via Email.  No Other Company Offers Longer Hours Of Operation.
  • No Sales Tax.  Other Chairs Can Charge Sales Tax.
  • Our Chair Can Be Reprogrammed In The Future As We Release Updates.  Other Chairs Cannot Be Reprogrammed For Future Upgradeability.
  • A 10 Year Frame + 5 Yr. Parts Warranty Is Included. Other Chairs Do Not Offer As Good A Warranty.

A Top Chiropractor's Review of the Medical Marvel Massage Chair

Medical Marvel Massage Chair In Voice Control Mode

A 15 Minute Session In The Medical Marvel Massage Chair Can Do More For You Than Other Massage Chairs! Here is why:

There are only two types of massage chairs. There is the "S" curve conventional massage chair which has been around for over 20 years. This is old technology and is being phased out. It comes in hundreds of different brand names. The common thread is that they all start at the neck and travel down only to the lower back. Most only travel 26 inches.

All S curve chairs also use neck and head airbag pillows to massage you which can only compress and release and is not the best way to massage your neck and head. You can generally use this type of massage chair for 15-30 minutes after which you will feel somewhat beat up.

The second type of massage chair is the latest advancement in massage chair technology known as the "L" design massage chair. This is the future of the industry. It starts at the head & travels below the lower back, below the hips, below the butt, below the buttocks, it does the gluts and travels under your thighs. It travels 51 3/16", nearly double the distance of any conventional S curved massage chair. It also gets closer to the contour of your neck & spine than ever before possible, giving the best deep tissue massage & the best soft Swedish massage too. It massages 55% more body area then ever before possible & provides the very best massage available of any massage chair.

Unlike conventional S curved massage chairs, you can use the "L" designed massage chair for hours and not feel uncomfortable or beat up. It also provides a much better massage on the head and neck than a S curve chair because you are getting the massage hands or back rollers doing 6 different strokes on your neck and head which much more closely simulates the hands of a massage therapist. It also has a shoulder press that does an excellent job on the shoulders.

Some customers report sleeping comfortably in the "L" design massage chairs. There are only a few of "L" design massage chairs currently available. We believe that you will find our L design massage chairs to be the best quality, design, and value in our industry & also provide the finest massage anywhere.

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