Smart-C Portable Mini C-Arm

Smart-C: Small Footprint, Big Impact

The Revolutionary, Battery Operated Mini-C Arm that will FOREVER change the way the world looks at point of care portable imaging – The Smart-C has it all. For surgical imaging, clinical imaging and sports medicine.

Full capability, True portability.

The C-Arm You Don’t Have to Make Room For

Open up your OR with a mini C-arm that is actually mini and provides the functionality of current models in the market today. Our creative design provides today’s clinicians with flexible options to build a C-arm solution that fits their workspace and imaging needs.

Surgical Imaging

Battery operated and wireless system means no cords on the floor and the unique ability to place the monitor and support stand where the surgeon chooses. Components fit together for easy movement and small storage footprint.

Clinical Imaging

In the clinic, the physician can meet, image, and treat the patient without leaving the room, enhancing the doctor-patient relationship and creating opportunities for clinical efficiency.

Procedures previously performed in the OR are now viable in the clinic. The SMART-C® can be used for pre- and post-surgical imaging in the exam and patient room; it’s flexibility reduces the need for redundant equipment while providing faster and more cost-effective care.

The SMART-C® allows for more diagnostics and procedures within the clinic, including but not limited to:

  • Radiographic and Fluoroscopic imaging
  • Weight bearing studies
  • Stress views
  • Image guided injections
  • Closed reductions
  • Pin removal

Sports Medicine

The SMART-C® enables trained providers to rapidly diagnose fractures and instabilities leading to quicker and more informed “Return to Play” decisions. Know with confidence whether it’s a simple sprain or more serious ligament tear or fracture by taking the guesswork out in a timely manner.

The Smart-C® is designed with the following features:

  • Lightweight, cordless, battery-powered system for true portability
  • Sophisticated imaging algorithm for improved visualization
  • Wireless, high-definition fluoroscopic imaging for radiological use
  • Independent articulating arm for optimal positioning
  • Ability to conserve space with a compact footprint
  • Independent monitor cart allows for clear field-of-view positioning
  • Ability to detach from articulating arm for independent, tabletop use

Full capability, True portability.

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