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20/20 Imaging Straight Arm X-Ray

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The Straight Arm System provides advanced digital X-ray capabilities in a small footprint, equipping urgent care and family practices to provide general radiography services from exam rooms with limited amounts of space. Clinicians will have the imaging flexibility, image resolution and immediate results they need to make informed decisions faster, helping to boost throughput and patient satisfaction for your practice. 20/20 Imaging is a division of Konica Minolta Healthcare.

20/20 Software Acquisition Interface

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The Diagnostic Image Viewer screen provides a wealth of tools and options to assist in reading and manipulating high-resolution medical images.

Adjustable Seated 4-Leg Stool (Spin-Lift)

These multi-purpose steel stools offer extreme comfort and feature a superior chrome finish. Each stool includes a 4" premium, black, stain resistant, nylon seat that measures 14" in diameter. With an easy to use and dependable spin lift, these stools are the perfect choice for multi-purpose offices or clinic use! Simply adjust seat height by rotating the stool cushion.

Aluminum Bariatric Body Caliper

This premium aluminum bariatric caliper helps accurately measure body thickness for imaging. Features calibrations for both inches (in.) and centimeters (cm.).

Aprons – EZ Comfort-Flex Front Protection

Techno-Aide's EZ Comfort-Flex Front Aprons are a premium and cost-effective solution for radiation protection.

Aprons – EZ Front Protection

Techno-Aide's EZ Front Aprons are a straightforward and cost-effective solution for radiation protection and represent a comfortable way to effectively reduce radiation exposure.

Aprons – EZ Full Wrap Protection

Techno-Aide's EZ Full Wrap Aprons are a convenient and cost-effective solution for full upper and lower body radiation protection.

Aprons – EZ Lap Guard Half Apron

Techno-Aide's EZ Pregnancy Lap Guard Half Aprons are premium lower-body solution for patient or staff radiation protection during pregnancy. NOTE: All of the HALF-APRONS will be supplied in Royal Blue Color with Velcro Closure unless specified. NOTE: If you want a Buckle Closure for the apron, just select it also for checkout from the dropdown listing.

C-FPT (Cassette-Size Flat Panel) Detector

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The versatile Flat Panel DR system offers images within seconds of exposure and fits easily into smaller x-ray rooms. The 17x17 inch panel produces high quality images and is configurable on multiple chiropractic stands. FP offers true flat-panel technology.

Disposable CR/DR Receptor Covers – Radman

Smooth Surfaces for the ease of sliding a cassette under a patient in both wet and dry conditions with minimum patient movement. Proof Sizes: For 8×10, 10×12, 14×17 Cassettes, XL Digital Cassette Covers, and any Custom Size. Wireless DRX-Revolution Detectors, and DR Panels.

Disposable CR/DR Receptor Covers – Techno Aide

Techno-Aide's CR/DR covers are the perfect solution to protect both patients and staff during and between procedures. These bags are ideal for use in the ER, OR and with portables. Protect your equipment, your employees and your patients from contaminated and damaging bacteria and fluids!

Extentrac Elite M3D Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Device

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Extentrac® Elite is a patented, FDA cleared, multi-functional therapeutic device for treatment of patients suffering from severe low back pain and sciatica due to: Protruding or Herniated Intervertebral Discs, Acute Facet Problems and Degenerative Disc Disease.