Planmeca Viso for Chiropractic

The Pinnacle of Head & Neck Imaging

Planmeca Viso® is our flagship CBCT unit. It is an ideal combination of premium image quality and high-end usability. The unit is an impressive step forward in the evolution of cone beam imaging.

Two Units – the Same Great Features

The Planmeca Viso product family consists of two fantastic CBCT units. They both offer outstanding image quality and the same great features. The units only differ in their volume sizes. For Planmeca Viso® G7, volume sizes can be adjusted freely between 3x3 and 30x30, while Planmeca Viso® G5 supports volume sizes from 3x3 to 20x17 cm.

Planmeca Viso G7

The Viso™ G7, volume sizes can be adjusted freely between 3×3 and 30×30.

Planmeca Viso G5

The Viso™ G5, volume sizes can be adjusted freely between 3×3 to 20×17 cm.

Live Virtual FOV Positioning

Patient positioning is done directly from the Planmeca Viso’s control panel utilizing integrated cameras and a live patient view. You can see the patient live from the control panel for flexible and exact FOV positioning. The volume size can also be adjusted freely.

Large 25×30 cm Sensor

Planmeca Viso offers a wide volume selection to cover all clinical needs – from a single tooth to a full skull. It lets you acquire single scans covering the entire maxillofacial area without the need for stitching, as the large sensor can capture a single-rotation CBCT scan that is 19 cm high. The unit’s 3D sensor is also fully capable of 2D imaging.

120 kV Tube Voltage

Planmeca Viso’s 120 kV tube voltage option enables optimized quality for challenging imaging cases – reducing artifacts and ensuring higher contrast images.

Ultra Low Dose Imaging

All our CBCT units offer the unique Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol. It allows clinicians to acquire 3D images at significantly lower effective patient doses without a statistical reduction in image quality.

Technical Data

Anode voltage 60–120 kV
Anode current 1–16 mA
Focal spot 0.5 mm, fixed anode
Image detector Flat panel
Image acquisition 200 / 360 degree rotation
Scan time 1–36 s
Typical reconstruction time 2–55 s

Physical Space Requirements

Width 155 cm (61 in.)
Depth 152 cm (60 in.),
Height* 240 cm (95 in.)
Weight 165 kg (lbs 364 )

With Cephalostat:
Width 216 cm (85 in.)
Depth 152 cm (60 in.)
Height*180 cm (95 in.)
Weight 180 kg (lbs 397)

Note: The maximum height of the unit can be adjusted for offices with limited ceiling space.

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