Extentrac Elite M3D Device


Extentrac® Elite is a patented, FDA cleared, multi-functional therapeutic device for treatment of patients suffering from severe low back pain and sciatica due to:

  • Protruding or Herniated Intervertebral Discs
  • Acute Facet Problems
  • Degenerative Disc Disease


Extentrac® Elite is a patented, FDA cleared, multi-functional therapeutic device for treatment of patients suffering from severe low back pain and sciatica due to:

  • Protruding or Herniated Intervertebral Discs
  • Acute Facet Problems
  • Degenerative Disc Disease

The World's Most Versatile Therapeutic Device

Beginning with the concept that no specific treatment method, patient position, or protocol fits all patient needs, Extentrac® Elite has been developed to provide the broadest range of capabilities, including:

  • Extentrac® Elite can uniquely position the patient in spinal flexion, extension, lateral flexion spine positioning as part of decompression is a “key” technical advantage of the M3D treatment protocol.
  • M3D positioning enables improved treatment specificity enabling targeted decompression and mobilization to the selected disc level.
  • M3D is performed in the supine or prone position, enabling other evidence-based protocols.

Hands-On Manual Therapy and Fully Automated Decompression

Unlike traditional decompression devices which are designed to be solely “hands-off”, Extentrac® Elite is designed to be a clinician’s tool, allowing for manual “hands-on” therapy or fully automated decompression.

M3D (Multi-DirectionaL Disc Decompression) The Technology That Separates This Spinal Decompression Device From Others

Unlike basic linear or axial tables, Extentrac® Elite's M3D System enables supine or prone patient positioning in flexion, extension, and lateral flexion - to enable spinal decompression in pain-relieving and more anatomically correct positions while allowing active mobilization with decompression.


Manual Therapy

Hands-on, one-on-one direct patient contact techniques such as mobilization, range of motion and flexion-distraction.


Therapeutic Excercise

Exercises to develop strength and endurance with patient in flexion, extension, and lateral flexion positions.


Disc Decompression Therapy

Axial and M3D disc decompression to reduce pain and restore neurological function.

M3D positions help enable inclusion of other important evidence-based protocols.

Other protocols capable of being performed with the Extentrac® Elite M3D system include: flexion-distraction, therapeutic exercise, extension-flexion exercise protocols, spinal mobilization and range-of motion activities.

Traditional decompression devices have only one decompression system delivering power distraction capabilities. Extentrac® Elite uniquely provided two decompression systems.

All procedures utilize the leg decompression or the lumbar decompression system - each providing added therapeutic freedom and treatment versatility.

* Decompression is defined as: “unloading the spine with distraction and positioning”.

Key Features of Extentrac® Elite

  1. 6″ Touchscreen Computer Automated or Manual Treatment Cycles.
  2. Fully Adjustable Contoured Underarm Supports.
  3. Cushioned Hand Support.
  4. M3D Adjustable Lumbar Assembly for Precise Spine Positioning and Lumbar Mediated Decompression.
  5. M3D Adjustable Leg Assembly for Precise Spine Positioning During Leg Mediated Decompression, Mobilization and Spinal Ranges of Motion.
  6. Power Adjustable Overhead Exercise Bar with Patient Control Switches for Supervised Participation in Decompression, Therapeutic Protocols and Exercise.
  7. Adjustable Head/ Thoracic Back Support Cushion.
  8. Split Table Design with Friction-Free Lumbar Support.
  9. Fully Rotatable Patient Treatment Platform for Easy Patient Positioning.
  10. Patient Hand Control Bar with Control Switches for Supervised Patient Participation in Decompression.
  11. Practitioner Leg Bar with Control Buttons For Precise Hands-On Manually Applied Therapeutic procedures.

Accessories Included: Wood Platforms, Ankle Cuffs, Complete Harness set with Belts.

Accessories Included: Wood Platforms, Ankle Cuffs, Complete Harness set with Belts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time is taken for each treatment?

A: Some patients are best treated with manual therapy, some automated decompression, and some both. Treatment times typically vary from 10 minutes to 20 minutes, with the overall average being approximately 15 minutes.

Q: How many treatments are typical for each patient?

A: The average for a given clinician will depend upon the patient diagnosis mix with the overall average being approximately 12. The typical range is 10-20 treatments per patient, with 20 being for those patients presenting more severe pathology, such as spinal stenosis.

Q: Why is M3D patient positioning important for disc decompression therapy?

A: With Extentrac® Elite, patient positioning for treatment goes beyond the traditional "one position fits all" concept. While the linear axial position is an appropriate treatment position for certain spinal conditions, the vertebral column is a three-dimensional structure housing a network of spinal nerves. In many cases, the typical herniation/protrusion which impinges upon a nerve root is not central, but is lateral or medial. Therefore achieving the optimal antalgia position prior to and during decompression often requires three-dimensional positioning. For example, a patient presenting a lateral disc herniation impinging upon a descending nerve assumes a position of antalgia, in which flexion and lateral flexion reduces their severe back and leg pain. In this case, application of strictly linear axial decompression forces the herniation into the nerve root during treatment, impinging upon the nerve and causing pain. Utilizing M3D patient positioning to maintain the antalgia position prior to and during decompression allows for decompression with significantly reduced pain and irritation to the nerve root during treatment.

Dr. James Lehman – DC, MBA, DIANM

Professor, University of Bridgeport, School of Chiropractic Medicine Columnist, Dynamic Chiropractic

As a board-certified, chiropractic specialist in non-surgical orthopedics and neuromusculoskeletal medicine with 50 years of clinical experience and 30 years of teaching the use of manual medicine technologies, I am pleased to offer my opinions on the Spine Care Technologies’ “Extentrac® Elite”.

It is my opinion that the ability to reduce the gravitational effects on the patient’s spine is one of the most valuable Extentrac® Elite features. The gravitational protocols allow decompression of the spine and normalizes joint position without pain, while stretching the myofascial tissues.

The combination of Extentrac® Elite features enables clinicians to treat patients without ergonomic strain, which may prevent career ending injuries. The hands-on manual therapy allows the clinician specific intervention for the treatment of joint and muscle conditions without causing clinician injuries. The automated decompression feature eliminates any chance of clinician injury. In addition, patients with fear of back cracking can enjoy relief of back pain supplied by the Extentrac Elite with silent relief.

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